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EVS TP199 Lite Knee Guards (Black/Hi-Viz) Pair

The TP199 Lite features a shorter overall profile making it ideal for MX, Off-Road, BMX, and MTB usage. The molded bio-foam upper offers increased impact protection while the inner circular comfort gel knee donut limits migration and the fully breathable mesh backing helps with temperature control.


  • RMF - Reactive Memory Foam is soft and pliable in its natural state but hardens when force is applied to it, providing a protective barrier.
  • Air Mesh - Perforated fabric allows air to flow unimpeded while still providing protection from abrasion and sunlight.
  • Trac Grip - Sticky silicone grippers are strategically placed in key positions to help hold a Knee Brace or Knee Pad in place, limiting uncomfortable migration.
  • Molded bio-foam upper for increased impact protection.
  • Sold in pairs
  • Sizes: S/M and L/XL

EVS TP199 Lite Knee Guards (Black/Hi-Viz) Pair


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