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Motoverde PTFE Chain Lube is a multi-purpose, penetrating all weather chain lube containing PTFE. This product is a thick dewatering, non-toxic lubricant, specially developed for use on chains, gears & bearings. Originally developed for motocross bikes (but can be used on any type of bike) this thick lube is perfect for those rough tracks. Heavily durable so that nothing will stick, PTFE Chain Lube reduces friction and helps to protect chains and sprockets from accelerated wear and is suitable for lubricating cables and brake pins. Complete with easy to apply twist top PTFE Chain Lube is all you need by working in extreme temperatures ranging from -50C to 180C, simply apply overnight to allow the product to soak into your chain before riding and no top-ups will be needed!

Motoverde PTFE Chain Lube 125ml


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