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TSP ERM Informational website: CLICK HERE


The most exciting new product TSP has ever created brings new levels of tunability to the current generation of 2 stroke dirtbikes. Tuning these high tech machines has become out of reach of the average rider or home mechanic, but we are about to put the power back in your hands!

The ERM comes standard with a downloadable TSP Tuned Map from the ERM website  Your TSP Tuned Map can be downloaded free of charge after the device has been registered on our ERM website here.


This product suits all the following models:

  • All KTM150/250/300 TPI models (2018-2019 models require additional adapter cable)
  • 2023-on KTM ‘Group’ 125, 250, 300 SX/XC TBI Models
  • 2024 on KTM ‘Group’ 300 EXC/XC-W Models
  • 2023-on KTM ‘Group’ 150 Models (map available shortly)
  • 2024-on KTM ‘Group’ 250 EXC/XC-W Models (map available shortly)
  • COMING SOON: 2018-on Sherco 300 Carb Models

TSP Tuning Tool (ECU Reflash Module ERM) Suits KTM TBI & TPI


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